Lac-A-Do Hall


Square and round dancers in Olympia are fortunate. We have a beautiful dance hall reserved solely for square and round dancing with a 55' x 60' maple floor, raised stage, hearing enhancement, break room, excellent acoustics, and ample free parking. The land was donated in 1962 by George and Madge Ames, with the stipulation that it would only be used for square and round dancing. Local dancers donated time, materials, and equipment, and a hall was completed in 1963. On Memorial Day, 1995, there was a fire and the hall burned to the ground. Again, dancers in the area came together and built a new hall, even better than the first. Lac-A-Do Hall was reopened to much fanfare on  the 1st of March 1996. The hall currently hosts seven clubs dancing mainstream through advanced and rounds through phase 6.


So how do you pronounce Lac-A-Do? It's LAK-uh-doe. What does it mean? Good question, and the cause of many long discussions. It depends on whom you ask. The prevailing story is that there was a shortage of money during the building of the original hall - a lack-of-dough, so to speak. They used donated timber (trees), even held bake sales and garage sales to cover costs. You may also hear that it is a combination of the names of two of the local square dance clubs at the time - the Lacey Daisys and the Olympia Do-Si-Do's. I figure they're both true and it's a convenient coincidence.


Lac-A-Do Hall is located at 1721 46th Ave NE in Olympia, Washington.

Mailing address is P.O. Box 1825, Olympia, Washington 98507.

The phone number at the hall is 360-357-6141.


Directions: From I-5 take exit 105B, Port of Olympia. Southbound go through the light at the end of the exit onto Plum Street. Northbound stay to the right, go around under the freeway to the light and turn left onto Plum Street. Both directions: Stay on that street for about 4.4 miles. When you go through the light at State, Plum Street becomes East Bay Drive. After you drive through Priest Point Park, East Bay Drive becomes Boston Harbor Road. Watch for a crossroad caution sign announcing 46th Avenue. You will see Gull Harbor Lutheran Church on the right. Turn right at the church onto 46th. Lac-A-Do Hall is four-tenths of a mile up on the right side, just beyond the crest of a hill. Look for the big white sign!  Click on the white sign for Google Map.




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