Learn to Square Dance

A fun and friendly way to get moving!

Here is what people say about square dancing:

“It’s fun!”

“I enjoy the friendship.  You meet the nicest people.”

“Dancing pulled me out of my shyness and helped me feel confident.”

“I am so glad I agreed to try it.”

“It’s a warm and friendly activity where everyone feels welcome.”

“It’s something great to do one night a week.”

“It’s is certainly the most fun exercise and social activity that I have ever experienced.”

“In square dancing you’ll meet wonderful people who can easily become your lifelong friends.”

We offer lessons throughout the year on either Thursdays or Mondays, starting at 6:30 pm.

A ten-week set of lessons costs $50 adults, $30 for youths (10-17 yrs old), and $130 for families.

                  Free Intro Night           Thursday Lessons                         Free Intro Night           Monday Lessons

                     9/11/14                          9/18/14 to 11/20/14                           10/13/14                        10/20/14 to 12/22/14

                     1/8/15                            1/15/15 to 3/19/15                             2/9/15                              2/16/15 to 4/20/15


For more information, call Ed 360.352.2662      Kathleen 360.456.8031      Pete 360.459.1724       Or   Email Us

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