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Clubs & Organizations

OASDI Executive Board

  • President: Eric Metsch

  • Vice President: Bob Knudson

  • Secretary: Marc Denniston

  • Treasurer: Muoi Nguy

  • Resources: Photo Album, Facebook Page

Do-si-dos (Mainstream):

Double A's (Advanced):

  • President: Patty Dandurand

  • Vice President: Tom Brignole

  • Treasurer: Judy Cullen

  • Secretary: Kathy Rooney

Flutterwheels (Mainstream)

Roundabouts (Round Dancing)

  • President: Bob Knudson

  • Vice President: Marc Denniston

  • Secretary: Karen Knudson

  • Treasurer: Bob Knudson

  • Resources: Facebook Page

Square One (Plus)

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