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Olympia Area Square Dance is a non-profit organization that welcomes all new students to learn the fun activity that is square dancing. Our experienced callers and helpers will teach you everything you need to know to join a dance, just a handful of weeks into your learning journey. We're eager to hear from you and to help get you on your path to square dancing.

Try it for Free or Take a Set of Lessons at Lac-A-Do Hall

1721 46th AVE NE, Olympia
Couples, singles and families (age 10 and up) welcome.

Free Introduction to Square Dancing.
Come to a fun night of beginning square dancing.  No obligation, just come and enjoy.  You’ll be dancing right away. We offer Free Intros 4 times this year: September 12th and October 7th 2024. January 10th and February 9th, 2025.

Square Dance Lessons

We offer lessons throughout the year with an identical series at 6:30 pm on Thursdays and Mondays to better match whatever day best suits your schedule.

      A ten-week set of lessons costs $60 for adults, $35 for youths (10-17 yrs old), and $145 for families.

2024/2025 Lessons dates are planned for:

  • Thursday Lessons: 9/19 - 11/21 2024

  • Monday Lessons: 10/7 - 12/16 2024

  • Thursday Lessons: 1/10 - 3/20 2025

  • Monday Lessons: 2/9 - 4/21 2025

Round Dance Lessons​

Round dancing is like ballroom dancing and uses ballroom figures, but there are two major differences--it is choreographed ahead of time and then cued to the dancers in a manner similar to the way square dance callers direct square dancers. We offer lessons in various dance styles throughout the year.


Upcoming lessons: 

  • Beginning Waltz and 2-Step Lessons: Tuesday evenings starting September 12th . Waltz 7-8 p.m. Two Step 8-9 p.m. $7 per lesson. First lesson free. Information:  (360) 890.2843.

  • Foxtrot Lessons:  Wednesday evenings starting September 13th, 2023. 7:00-9:00 p.m. Phase 2 Waltz experience required. Information: (253) 929-8161 or (612) 366-2569

Learning Resources

Our students have found these additional resources helpful:

  • Cyberpoint Square Dance Videos: A series of free YouTube videos showing square dance calls and movements.

  • Taminations: A web site and app for Android and iOS showing the various square dance calls.

  • Square Dance Jargon: A list of the frequently used vocabulary in square dancing.

  • More Vocabulary. Additional terms often heard during lessons and dances.

  • CallerLab: A web site and resources for callers. Has handbooks that define the movements associated with calls.

Our own resources:


Here's what our students and graduates are say about square dancing:

  • “It’s fun!”

  • “I enjoy the friendship.  You meet the nicest people.”

  • “Dancing pulled me out of my shyness and helped me feel confident.”

  • “I am so glad I agreed to try it.”

  • “It’s a warm and friendly activity where everyone feels welcome.”

  • “It’s something great to do one night a week.”

  • “It’s is certainly the most fun exercise and social activity that I have ever experienced.”

  • “In square dancing you’ll meet wonderful people who can easily become your lifelong friends.”

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